Midnight Radio Network

Gary McNamara and Eric Harley host the Red Eye Radio Network Syndicated nationwide, RER reaches 100% of the United States, and covers 80% of Canada and 85% of Mexico. A top personality at WBAP-AM 820 in Dallas, host Gary McNamara has had a successful 15-year talk radio career in cities like Buffalo, Chicago and Portland.

McNamara is a graduate of the State University College at Buffalo and his resume is as colorful as his personality. From janitor, to bill collector, to assembly line machinist, to stand-up comedian, Gary is a regular guy, the “average American”.

Just like most of the listeners that Gary talks to every night, he believes that America doesn’t owe him a thing, but he owes this country everything. He believes that freedom, capitalism, and the willingness of Americans to sacrifice for both is what has made the United States the greatest country in the world.

During the day, you’ll either find Gary on the golf course or playing a game of pick-up basketball with his neighbors.

Midnight Radio Network host Eric Harley is a legend in the trucking industry whose career spans over two decades. His association with trucking began decades before he was born. Eric’s grandfather, a World War II veteran, was killed in an accident while hauling a load in Texas.

Since his childhood, Eric has had a special admiration for those who spend their lives on the road. His passion for radio and love for the trucking industry came together as he became part of a legendary radio program just as it was going nationwide. Since MRN has been on the air, he has entertained listeners across America with his insight and humor.

Eric’s family ties with the trucking industry are still strong today. His father-in-law is a fleet owner, his brother-in-law owns a trucking company and his father drove trucks before and after his military career. Eric shares the concerns of the drivers he talks to on a nightly basis. As host and producer of MRN, he works hard to deliver the best entertainment, while addressing the issues of the trucking industry.